David Cantrell (therealdrhyde) wrote,
David Cantrell

Advice to environmentalists

The world is looking for a "green" power source. Wind, waves, and solar are all great, but all require LOTS of BIG equipment if they are to be realistic replacements for fossil-fuel burning power stations. And none of them, of course, are suitable for powering vehicles.

I have a solution - miniature black holes, carefully constructed so that they evaporate at exactly the same rate at which they suck their surroundings into themselves. All you then need to do is use the energy from the synchrotron radiation as stuff falls into the black hole and gets torn apart. A carefully tuned system could probably spit out lots of microwaves which you could use to boil water and drive a turbine in a large installation, or move a complex assembly of shiny brass rods and hinges and stuff on vehicles.

I recommend feeding the black hole with petroleum products, as there is already an efficient infrastructure in place for their distribution, and dropping them into a convenient black hole is carbon-neutral.
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